Aeropress Go

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In the same spirit as the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go is all about ease on the go. With the AeroPress Go, you get all of the same brewing capabilities as the AeroPress with the convenience of being able to stow the Go in a perfectly sized and handy travel mug.

The AeroPress Go is so compact, easy to use, and forgiving to brew delicious tasting coffee that you'll want to take it everywhere! Whether you're climbing a mountain face, relaxing in your hotel room, or in the middle of a transatlantic flight, the AeroPress Go will be your new favourite coffee companion.

The AeroPress Go comes packaged with everything that you need (minus the coffee, grinder, and a scale - but if you ask us nicely, we'll give you some great ideas for those too!):
  • AeroPress Go chamber and plunger
  • Folding stirrer
  • 350 filters
  • Compact filter holder (holds about 20 filters)
  • Scoop
  • Travel Mug
  • Lid


An illustration showing hands separating the AeroPress Go plunger from the chamber

Step 1: Push chamber out of plunger

An illustration showing a filter being placed into an AeroPress filter cap

Step 2: Put filter in cap

An image depicting screwing the filter cap onto the bottom of the AeroPress Go chamber

Step 3: Twist filter cap onto chamber

An illustration showing ground coffee pouring from the scoop into the AeroPress Go chamber

Step 4: Stand chamber on the mug and put one rounded scoop of fine drip coffee on the chamber

An illustration showing a hand shaking the coffee in an AeroPress Go chamber to level it

Step 5: Shake to level coffee

An illustration showing a kettle pouring water into the AeroPress Go chamber

Step 6: Add water up to Level 1 on the chamber. 175°F (80°C) water for hot brewing or room temperature water for cold brew.

An illustration showing a hand stirring coffee and water together in the AeroPress Go chamber

Step 7: Stir for about 10 seconds or 1 minute for cold brew

An illustration showing a hand pressing down on the AeroPress Go plunger to brew coffee

Step 8: Insert plunger and press gently, pausing when you feel resistance, until plunger reaches grounds.

An illustration showing hands popping used coffee grounds out of the AeroPress Go

Step 9: Remove filter cap, push plunger to eject used coffee and rinse seal.

Step 10

  • Espresso style:
    • Drink as is.
  • American coffee:
    • Add water to fill an 8 oz. (237 ml) mug.
  • Latte:
    • Add milk to make an 8 oz. (237 ml) latte.
  • Cold brew:
    • Add tap or ice water to make an 8 oz. (237 ml) mug of cold brew.