642 Things to Draw Journal



642 Things to Draw is a guided journal that will inspire creativity, energize the mind, and stimulate artistry in any aspiring or skilled creator.

Dive into this treasure trove of offbeat, clever, and endlessly absorbing drawing prompts.
This guided art journal includes 642 random drawing prompts: A rolling pin, a robot, a pickle, a water tower, a hammock, a wasp, a safety pin, a kiss. Some are deceptively simple (just try drawing a bicycle!), some are conceptually mind-bending (sketching the sound of girlish laughter?), and some are refreshingly basic (the only hard thing about drawing an egg is deciding how you want it to be cooked). Hip and helpful, 642 Things to Draw is the perfect inspirational sketchbook, sure to entertain and provoke the imagination of anyone ready to pick up a pencil.

FUN FOR ANYONE: Budding artists and experienced sketchers alike will find themselves invigorated by this collection of unique and wonderful drawing prompts. While there are no step-by-step, how-to-draw instructions included, you don't have to be a skilled artist to enjoy the relaxing, stimulating, and engaging drawing ideas.

SPARK CREATIVITY: Designed to spur casual doodling while entertaining the mind, this collection of 642 silly, thought-provoking, simple, and complex prompts will push your mind-and pencil-to think outside the box.

USERS LOVE IT: With hundreds of 5-star ratings, reviewers rave about this book, calling it great for all ages" and "the best drawing book you'll ever pick up."

Perfect for: • Birthday, holiday, or graduation gifts for artists of all ages seeking to expand their knowledge or boost creative awareness
• Anyone who could benefit from an occasional creative brain break that is pure enjoyment
• Doodlers, sketchbook lovers, and fans of adult coloring books or inspirational journals