How to Order Bubble Tea

Step ONE: Choose Your Base:

Choice #1 - Italian Soda

Choice #2 - Tea Based

Iced Black Tea

Iced Herbal Tea (Berry Bliss)

Iced Green Tea

Choice #3 - Creamy Sweet



Pina Colada



Step TWO: Choose Your Syrup

(Excluding Creamy Sweet)

 - Blueberry

- Blue Raspberry

- Bubblegum

- Coconut

- Lemon Lime

- Peach

- Raspberry

- Strawberry

- Vanilla

- Watermelon

Step THREE: Choose Your Bubbles:

- Strawberry Popping Pearls

- Kiwi Popping Pearls

- Mango Popping Pearls

- Brown Sugar Boba


What are Popping Pearls?

Little balls of fruit juice with a jello-like shell that pops in your mouth!

What is Brown Sugar Boba?

Chewy sweet tapioca balls, also tastes great in Cold Brew Coffee!