VENICE Eco-friendly Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid RED POPPY

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Venice – “Red Poppy” glass water bottle with protective sleeve

The Venice series are popular glass drinking bottles, and may even be the best water bottle you can find. They have a large capacity of 670 ml or 22.6 fl, oz. and have a wide mouth for easy drinking. The naturally renewable and eco friendly bamboo lid has a stainless steel inner to keep your water away from plastics. Oh and did we mention, it comes with a protective and insulating color matched sleeve? Its all these features and more that make these such popular glass drinking bottles.

grosche venice glass water bottle with bamboo lid poppy

Venice is an eco-friendly reusable glass water bottle

Heatproof borosilicate glass water bottle

The Venice is a glass water bottle made from a special heat proof glass called borosilicate glass. This special type of glass is lighter than normal glass. But it is much stronger and more shock resistant than normal glass. And it is also heat safe while normal glass is not. So you can add hot water into this bottle if you wish. The included neoprene sleeve will keep your hot beverage warm or cool around 2x longer. The sleeve will also protect the borosilicate glass water bottle. This borosilicate glass is the same type that is used in hospitals and labs due to its heat proof nature and high quality.

Eco friendly bamboo lid with stainless steel interior

We designed a high quality bamboo lid for this bottle. Bamboo is a renewable natural wood material. Then we added a stainless steel lid cap to the inner part of the lid. This makes it durable and also even more food safe – so no plastic touches your water. This bottle is completely BPA and BPS Free. There is no plastic that will touch the liquid in this water bottle with the stainless steel inner. We had to pay attention to these details to design the best glass water bottle anywhere.

The glass bottle itself is dishwasher safe, but we don’t recommend it as it may damage the print pattern over time. So we recommend hand washing the bottle and the lid. The lid should be dried after washing. The lid has a silicone seal that makes it leak proof.The neoprene sleeve is washable.

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venice glass water bottle with bamboo lid yoga water bottle flowers wide 2

The Venice glass water bottle has a natural renewable bamboo lid

venice glass water bottle with bamboo lid yoga water bottle flowers wide

The perfect sustainable option to ditch those single use plastics

Fits car cup holders and has a convenient to carry strap

The size of the Venice bottle makes it very convenient. It fits all standard car cup holders. Also it fits in most backpack water bottle pockets. This is a tall bottle. It has a height of 9.5″ or 24.5 cm. This height gives it the large capacity of 670 ml or 22.6 fl. oz.

With a stylish borosilicate glass bottle like the Venice staying hydrated is easy. It fits in gym bags and stays safe with the neoprene sleeve.  With the Venice you will avoid plastic and stay BPA and BPS free.

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