Fire & Stone Coffee Beans

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Roasted in Saint Peters,  Cape Breton NS

454gm whole beans per bag

Indonesia Flores Coop Sinar Tani Watujaji - DARK ROAST

The taste profile offers clean earthiness, notes of bittersweet chocolate and malt, and gives a finish of berries as it cools.

It is worth specifying that daily life in this region of Flores draws its inspiration from a wisdom inherited from the ancestors, being a “matrilineal” tribal culture, that is to say that here "property belongs to women" and is transmitted from mother to daughter. So it is with their small coffee plantations.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

India Monsoon Malabar - MEDIUM/DARK ROAST

This unique coffee goes through a special preparation which exposes the processed beans to monsoon winds. It has wild and earthy flavours.

Monsoon coffee follows a special preparation that is quite unique. The doors and gates of the warehouse are left open to expose the processed beans to the monsoon winds for a period of about three to four months, causing them to swell, lose their original acidity and eventually become more yellow in appearance. As a result, the beans get much larger in size.