Anchored Coffee - Maritime Blend Medium Roast 340gm


Roasted in Dartmouth, NS

Maritime Blend.... for when you are missing home and the coffee that comes with it. Roasted in Dartmouth with extra extra Maritime sweetness!! Maritime Blend will quickly become Nan and Pop's fav cuppa. Rich and classic, ready to fill your thermos for any and all adventures.

Maritime Blend - (Filter and Espresso) - Seaweed, donair, lobster and blueberries.  Just kidding......  A delicious medium roast blend designed to encourage daydreams of all things Maritimes past, present and future.

About Anchored Coffee:

"We roast coffee we are proud of.

Transparently Sourced. Carefully developed. Consistently delicious.

We work hard, have fun, and love what we do. 

We strive to build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with the producers we work with. Our green beans are purchased seasonally, allowing us to provide our customers with exciting and delicious new coffees throughout the year. Our coffee is roasted weekly to order ensuring the freshest and most flavorful offerings we can!"